Naomi Accardi

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A lot has happened in culinary terms in the city in recent years. There is a rich variety of international, very good food in all price ranges. Nevertheless, a visit to Berlin should not be without a few classics. While one immediately thinks of currywurst and kebab in Berlin, there are some Berlin classics, real originals, that are no longer so easy to find. Like Rogacki, for example - a fish delicatessen shop in the heart of Charlottenburg. Time seems to have stood still here in all respects - which can be a lot of fun. At lunchtime, you can eat at bar tables and around the cooking corners while drinking a glass of wine or two, but you can also buy your fish (among other things) fresh and take it home to prepare yourself. My tip for a snack on the way to or from the Olympic Stadium is also in Charlottenburg West. Örnek is located at Charlottenburg S-Bahn station. One of the best lahmacuns in the city. However, the real first and best Örnek is in Wedding in... which is definitely worth a visit. Culinary-wise, Wedding is always worth a visit. All the Berlin classics can be found here in top form. Kebabs like Ugur Imbiss or Imren or currywurst from Curry Baude.

To find great Asian food, however, you can also stay in Charlottenburg. On Kantstr. you'll find everything your heart desires from Chinese restaurants like Do De Li, Thai restaurants like Papaya or Taiwanese noodle soups at Lon Men.


The European Championship in Germany naturally goes hand in hand with summer in beer gardens. My favorite is and remains the Schleusenkrug in Tiergarten Zoo. For Spätis, I recommend simply looking around your neighborhood. If you haven't had enough by then, you'll probably end up in Kreuzberg or Neukölln. Nathanja and Heinrich are nice and the drinks taste good, but if you'd rather stay in Schöneberg, go to Bar Nonno.


If you also want to watch football in a beer garden, which is certainly the best public viewing option for the European Championships, it's better to go to the Cafe am Neuen See in Tiergarten or the Prater Biergarten in Prenzlauer Berg. Of course, the city's Kneipen and Spätis also need to be explored during football fever if you are looking for beer or a place to watch the games. My go-to place is the Kupferkanne in Schöneberg and the Westend Pinte near the stadium.


If you feel the need to play sport and are inspired by the many games to put a ball on your foot again, the best place to let off steam is on one of Berlin's Bolzplätzen. They are actually everywhere - at Savignyplatz there is a small, modern D`` better pitch, you can try your luck at the Poststadion or the BSV in Wilmersdorf, where you'll often find what you're looking for.


To go shopping in Berlin, it's a good idea to wander around Weinmeisterstr, where you'll definitely find what you're looking for in terms of streetwear and maybe even discover something new - for photography enthusiasts, there are also the nearby stores Fotoimpex or Click&Surr, where you'll find what you're looking for in terms of analog photography and film. For the right sneakers, a trip to Schlesi (Schlesisches Tor) to Overkill is worthwhile. If that's not enough for you and you're more into fashion, it's not far to the Voo Store. I also always like to make a little tour to the Amore store.