Daniele Travia


I was born in south Italy and raised in Frankfurt am Main, and my background is firmly rooted in fashion. I represented different major brands in the German market before founding @inmidagency, a multidisciplinary agency offering a scope of services that maximize impact and strengthen brand DNA of emerging and established fashion and lifestyle clients.

I’m looking forward to the Euros. In terms of my predictions - Italy did it last time, so this year it's my other half's turn. Don’t trust the OCB Scores. Germany will do it.


One of my favourite spots for lunch is Ciccione Pizza. Their menu consists of a variety of pizza slice options but also includes a list of specialties like carbonara or asparagus pizza. If you want something a little more traditional, though, you can try Klaane Sachsehäuser. Go here to sample classic Frankfurt cuisine and drink their famous apple cider.


One of Frankfurt's most popular bars, AMP is located near the central station, offering bi-weekly events consisting mostly of house, techno, and disco music by emerging and well-known DJs. For something a little more formal, try Yaldy Bar & Restaurant. It’s the perfect place for fancy, locally sourced dishes. Their bar is considered to offer the best cocktails in the city.


The official Fan Zone, Mainufer, will be the place to be in Frankfurt during Euro 2024. It spans a 1.4 km long area, offering a floating pitch on the Main, plenty of seating, food and drink stands, special activities, and different big screens to watch all 51 matches.

Or you could walk down the Begerstraße in Bornheim to find different sports bars and pubs with outdoor screens letting you get some much-needed vitamin D while watching the football.


When it comes to a street football kick-about with your friends, jumpers for goalposts kind of vibe, there’s no better place than Frankfurt Hafenpark.  If you prefer something a little more organised, like a 7v7, visit the Sportpark Frankfurt in Prengesheim.


I like Listener, which mainly contains a selection of premium and luxury brands with an additional selection of home-and-living products featuring books and beauty brands. Even if you don't need any gear, the skate shop Bonkers, is also worth stopping by to check out the clothing collections from brands like Dime, Stussy, Always Do What You Should Do, and more.