Naomi Accardi


I have been splitting my time between Italy and NYC since 2021 as I felt I needed a break from Milan and my boyfriend is from here. My work in football leads me to the most interesting places and to meet the coolest people in the city. In 2023, I co-founded two projects—a creative studio called Nonsense Projects and Systemarosa —which are both based primarily here.

I’ll be supporting Argentina in the Copa America. I got to spend quite a bit of time with Mario Kempes as a child when my father was playing on the same team as “El Matador” in Indonesia. The team is coming out of a triumphant World Cup so I have high expectations. With Systemarosa, we recently styled Damion Lowe (team Jamaica) so I am curious to see how far the Reggae Boyz get.


Salsa Pizzeria does my favorite pizza in NYC. It’s owned by a guy called Mike Bancale from Napoli (he’s a big Napoli fan!) who initially came to the US to work as a server. His staff is fully South American. They make the best pizza I have ever eaten. Alternatively, head to L’Industrie Pizza, which is owned by a former Italian football player (and where you will likely find Materazzi hanging out.) Numero 28 on Carmine Street is also an old school Italian restaurant where the owner is truly Italian. If I’m not eating pizza, I want El Pastor tacos, so I head to Taqueria Ramirez in Brooklyn.

Fortunato Bros is one of my favourite bakeries in the city. It has affordable and delicious espresso. The old man at the bar will banter with you about Napoli. For other delicious baked treats, head to Settepani Bakery & Restaurant - the owner is from Palermo.


Bar Birba is a new aperitivo concept in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Small plates and great Italian drinks. Alternatively, there is Forgetmenot in the Lower East Side, which is a renowned bar for football.


Check out a program called Club Sensacional run by Gogy Esparza and a guy called Julian in various spots around the city. Or head to No One Home in the Bowery District. Kyle Martino brought back the iconic football café in 2023 and it’s now a destination for football aficionados from around the world.


My favorite spot is McCarren Park - there’s an extremely dedicated group that plays here every morning at 7AM (shout out to FTFC). There’s always people playing and kicking about at any hour of the day and there’s a nice running track too. The Ground NYC is a pretty well-known indoor pitch with a rooftop area. It needs to be booked for playing but there’s always something going on. Pier 5 at Brooklyn Bridge Park is also iconic - an outdoor football pitch with insane views of the Manhattan skyline. Coed leagues play here mostly, but you can find some pick-up games as well.


I would say this, of course, but Systemarosa is the one and only women’s led vintage football boutique. Alternatively, you have Club Shop NYC one of the best curated vintage and memorabilia shops in the US (possibly the world) run by hardcore Napoli fan and superb Irish fashion stylist John Colver. Scenes NY has the best shorts in the game and an amazing selection of vintage stuff too. I love Leisure Centre on Hester Street because it has the right amount of “lad-ness” on its racks. I found some nice Caribbean football fan t-shirts here.

Beacons Closet is a chaotic thrift shop with a few branches dotted around the city. It has colour-coordinated racks, which is my guilty pleasure, and you can find some amazing vintage and second hand t-shirts for very cheap.