After a Saturday kickabout on a sunny spring morning in North London there’s nothing better than a fry-up. And for a fry-up, there’s no place like Norman’s Cafe.

The Futsol team invited friends of the brand Jackson and Nathan to meet up with Elliott and Richie, founders of Norman’s, for a chat about the full English, the beautiful game and how it all started.

“Norman’s was built with a love of simple English food using top ingredients,” says Elliott. Elliott and Richie came up with the concept of Norman’s in 2014. A plan to quickly learn as much as possible took them across London to Lyle’s, The French House, Crispin and Leroy, among others.

“We’re both East End boys but we found this spot in Tufnell Park and spent the first lockdown in 2020 just making it what it is today,” says Elliott. “It was an empty blank space and we wanted to keep it affordable and accessible.”

With the help of a handyman the pair built their vision of a classic English Cafe— red gingham curtains, chessboard chequered floor, black and white chalk menus and a print of Bobby Moore and the England team lifting the 1966 Jules Rimet trophy.

“The menu is full of stuff we grew up eating. My favourite meal is a full English and we thought, ‘let’s celebrate that!’”

Along with the classic fry-ups, bubble and squeak, hash browns and baked beans on toast, there are the kippers on toast and rice pudding with jam, most under a tenner. The drinks menu adds a touch of European flair with Campari Soda, Negronis and Fernet Branca—the making of a classic brunch spot you just don't want to leave.

A shared love of the beautiful game is what brought us to Elliott and Richie.

“We’ve both been playing football since we were kids. Some of our earliest memories are of playing in the school playground at lunch break and watching Match Of The Day with grandad on the weekends,” says Richie. “We love to play football. After being in the kitchen all day, football is the best way to clear the head, get outside and have a bit of fun,” he adds.

The Futsol x Norman’s collaboration sees two jerseys from the A Beautiful Game collection given the Norman’s treatment— the Aceituna Blanca paired with Norman’s rosso flock vinyl transfer and the Paloma Roja with a Norman’s blanco flock vinyl transfer. 15% of proceeds will be donated to UNICEF for Ukraine a worthy cause in these times.