Postcards from Futsol — Casablanca

For this travel photography series, the idea is beautifully simple. We give a camera to football-loving creatives around the world and let them loose for a weekend to take a roll in a place they love.

To celebrate our new spring jersey drop we asked 27-year-old photographer and videographer Karim Chater to shoot his friends in some favourite spots in Casablanca, Morocco – a city he calls home. Scroll below to take a walk around and see how Issa and Sofiane like to wear our new jerseys.

"I'm originally from Casablanca and grew up in Sidi Moumen, which inspired me a lot," says Chater. "My past travels and knowledge of Moroccan culture helped me to find a concept that suited me."
"The city of Casablanca has a strong football culture. The way people love football is in the blood; it is there from birth. During Ramadan, there are tournaments in every neighbourhood of Casablanca where young and old compete."
"I took this picture in Sidi Moumen because it’s a slum and there are hardly any left in Casablanca. It is also one of the oldest places in the city."
"This is a field where I used to play as a child in the Sidi Moumen neighbourhood in north-east Casablanca."
“Downtown Casablanca. It’s a sculpture that many Moroccans find ugly. I find it very artistic and love the way it is displayed in the middle of the city.”
“The Habous district is one of the oldest places in Casablanca and has lots of craftsmen. It is known for its calmness and cleanliness and it is full of local culture.”
"Café Chaab is in the popular Bernoussi neighbourhood in Casablanca. I love it here; it's where I'm originally from.”

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