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Futsol v. Norman’s - The Rematch

The collaboration with our friends at Norman’s - the much-loved cafe in north London - in May 2022 was so well-received, we thought we would revisit it in the lead-up to the World Cup.

A little rematch, if you will.

This time, we took cues from the cafe itself when we set about designing new, limited edition shirts.

The Gingham Red Sauce (a favourite amongst the team) is clearly inspired by the lino oilcloth you will see on the tables of countless caffs up and down the UK.

We like the idea of being able to wear such an iconic pattern, which will add a dose of wit to any five-a-side game. (In this instance, food stains on your clothing are actively encouraged.)

If you are wearing this to play, you could always pretend you’re Davor Suker at Euro ‘96 for an afternoon.

Sticking with the food and drink theme, our designers had a kitchen apron in mind when they were creating Chef’s Bib.

With longer sleeves and neat stripes, this piece is a little more sophisticated in our book.

You might like to wear it out without a jacket in summer.

Both shirts have been crafted in a new, lightweight Rodier material which gives a silkier feel on the skin.

Whichever you prefer, these are limited in number, so if they disappear, don’t say we didn’t warn you…